Guest Posts

This blog belongs to all of us – please consider submitting a proposal to guest blog. We are open to all ideas and topics.

You’ll need to gather:

  1. Please write a brief (100-200 word) proposal describing your idea for a blog post. Your proposal will be evaluated based on its originality and aim in helping other librarians plan for and succeed on their sabbatical.
  2. Brief bio of 50-150 words (and an optional photo upon final submission).

Once your proposal is accepted, you will have 30 days to write your post of ~750-2000 words. We will provide light copyediting but you will be responsible for writing a cohesive and complete essay. We strongly suggest you have a colleague (or two!) read your essay before final submission. We do not require a specific citation style, just be consistent.

We strive to provide a response within 7-10 business days.

Submit a proposal

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