Introducing a librarian’s sabbatical blog

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Why a sabbatical blog? Mostly because we realized that we didn’t have many people to lean on to plan and execute this process called a sabbatical.

Here’s what we propose – let’s start a conversation together about sabbaticals for librarians. This blog will be a mixture of professional and personal. We would like to write about our sabbatical projects and their corresponding processes. We would like to reflect on how we got through the tenure process. We want to explore the bubbling ideas that arise. We would like to dream about what comes after sabbatical.

Most importantly, we would also like to invite you to participate. First, we encourage you to join the conversation through the comments. Second, we invite you to propose a post as a guest speaker. We have floated this idea with a few trusted friends and we know there is a lot to be shared about getting through and going through a sabbatical.

We can’t promise to post on a specific schedule because, you know, we are on sabbatical. But we can promise that we will be here frequently enough. We can promise that we will explore a wide variety of topics that interest us and will hopefully interest you. We also can promise that we won’t necessarily be formal in our writing style, because you know, this is supposed to be fun.

Join us on Twitter, too :: #librariansabbatical

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